April 12, 2004

Copy Paste

Posted in General at 8:16 pm by Ian

Something Awful [warning: incrediby offensive and not safe for work] does a weekly feature where they collect message board posts from around the web and generally portray the stupidity of the writers. (Something Awful’s motto is “The internet makes you stupid”). From time to time I read them, but my only actual experience with online message boards is the Straight Dope Message Boards, an oasis of sanity and intelligent discourse in the moronic wasteland that is the internet.

Today, I was subjected to this stupidity firsthand, while searching for a 72-pin connector to revitalize an old Nintendo (electronics never really break; they just move beyond our ability to fix them with current technology), I came across this post [warning: the incredible depths of human stupidity revealed, in all their mind-numbing splendor].

Read the first reply to this guy’s question. It’s just… I have no words.


  1. Liza said,

    The link on the word “post” doesn’t work. Is this on purpose?

  2. Ian said,

    Oops. I guess that pretty much spoils the joke. :doh:

    That was an error. It’s been fixed.

  3. becca said,

    Right, so the link to Straight Dope doesn’t work either.

    Though I have to say, was that really necessary for that guy to post? Is there a purpose to posting comments about things you know nothing of? :doh: Rrrgh stupid people.

  4. Ian said,

    Jeez, you guys are picky. Ok; that one’s fixed now too.

  5. Nikhil said,

    What are you complaining about? I haven’t seen anything wrong about those posts. I didn’t even follow the link.

  6. AB said,

    And that guy has 429 posts on Nintendo’s boards. . .

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