April 12, 2004

In Which Ian Has a Great Idea…

Posted in General at 6:18 pm by Ian

So I decided to give my letter-of-recommendation writers tickets to the dance concert as thanks. Not only do I get to give them a nice night out, I don’t have to sell as many tickets.

You may… show your pleasure.



  1. Matt said,

    My my, that sure is a clever idea, Ian. Where ever did you come up with that? I bet a little :ninja: on your shoulder told you…


  2. Ian said,

    Right. This is the point where it must be made known that when I say Ian has a great idea, I mean that he is currently in possesion of such an idea, not, necessarily, that he was the genesis of said idea.

  3. Nikhil said,

    By the way, when is this concert of yours?

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