April 17, 2004

Nikhil In Trouble?

Posted in General at 1:48 pm by Ian

Kevin: Oh, you’re not sleeping. Are you feeling better?
Nikhil: I don’t exactly feel… sick. It’s just.
Kevin: Oogy?

Kevin: Are you pregnant? Have you been getting morning sickness?
Ian: When was the last time you had your period?
Nikhil: I didn’t–
Ian: If it’s been more than a month, you might be pregnant.
Kevin: Jeez, Nikhil. You’ve gotta stop whoring yourself around.
Nikhil: For your information, I haven’t started menstruating yet.




  1. Lisa said,

    C’mon, Ian… not all bodies mature at the same time. Give Nikhil a little slack; I’ll bet your jibes have made him self-conscious.

  2. Sarra said,

    You know, delayed onset of menstration can cause fertility problems later in life. If you haven’t gotten your period by age 18 you’re supposed to go on birth control to regulate your hormones and induce menstration; Nikhil might want to consider that if he ever plans on having kids. Might take care of the pregnancy problem, too.

  3. Nikhil said,

    I blame all those steroids I’ve been taking. However, they’ve helped me get my bulging man-like muscles.

  4. becca said,

    They’re only man-like muscles?

  5. Ian said,

    they’ve helped me get my bulging man-like muscles.

    Where do you keep them?

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