April 22, 2004

The Question

Posted in General at 3:24 pm by Ian

This is how it started.

Meagan: hey do you guys have any playboy magazines that we could borrow?
Ian: Nope. I get all my porn on the internet.
Ian: …why?
Meagan: art project
…Time elapses…
Ian: Wait.
Ian: I might have a porn mag… (thinks)
Ian: I’ll take a look…

And I did. I had almost forgotten about it. So she came to claim it and, on leaving, asked:
“Do you want this back?”

I hesitated.

There’s a certain implied question there.



  1. Dan said,

    You know it’s a yes or no question, but just HOW do you answer that…? :doh:

  2. Liza said,

    You can always say that yes, you do, in fact, need the magazines back because you have your own art project to do.

  3. Ian said,

    Ha ha ha.

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