April 26, 2004

Computers != Progress

Posted in General at 9:28 am by Ian

Here’s a Wired story about the inclusion of computer technology in traditional Muslim schools called madrasas. Yet… they’re still missing… something.

[quote]Subjects like math, English and general sciences are not taught here.[/quote]
Lack of math just might put a damper on some future plans.
[quote]Fifteen-year-old Amjad Shahzad said he wants to become a software engineer. His friends in the room talked about similar professions.[/quote]
When asked why such subjects were not taught, one principal responded:
[quote]”Islamic studies is a vast subject in itself… How will the students find time for other things?”[/quote]

Yeah, I bet it’s hard to squeeze a little trigonometry into an 8 year program of memorizing the Koran. At least they’ve got their priorities. 🙄


  1. becca said,

    Hmm, I like the last quote in the article: “If we make too many drastic changes too often, it will be an admission that something was wrong. And we would like to believe that nothing was ever wrong with the madrasas.” :doh:

  2. Ian said,

    I think my favorite was “We have computers, not terrorists.”

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