May 13, 2004

Furry Encounters

Posted in General at 4:49 pm by Ian

On my way down to Jon’s to not pick up his camera and all the cords I’d need to get video of our San Francisco trip, I had my second encounter with the Cutest Bunny Ever™.

I first met CBE on my way down to latin about two weeks ago, when I startled him into running a few feet away. CBE is much like a normal wild rabbit, except smaller. Two weeks ago, he measured, from head to toe, about 4 inches. He has since grown about an inch. When I first saw him, I was riding down on my bike, and CBE was munching upon some grass in the CMC field about three inches away from the edge of the sidewalk. I slowed way down, because small creatures sometimes bolt right in front of approaching vehicles, strongly contrary to their own safety. When I got really close, CBE tensed up, and then scampered away.

Except that he only scampered about one foot away. And it was directly parallel to the sidewalk, so after I moved a little more, he did as well. Through this process, I discovered that CBE had a personal danger radius of about four feet. I spoke with him about this, pointing out that, based on his distance and my own, I could probably fall on him before he could scamper away in time. He appeared uninterested, and I went on to latin, relatively sure that CBE would end up as food relatively soon.

But he didn’t! I saw him again today, about ten feet from where I oringally saw him. He was engaged in some kind of burrowing procedure with a squirrel (which was a little bigger than he was). Said squirrel took off on a collision course with my front tire, causing me to swerve and brake. But CBE ran the other direction, giving me great hopes for his future survivability.


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