May 17, 2004

Daylight Savings Be Damned

Posted in General at 8:29 pm by Ian

Ok. So it looks like we’re going to be off by an hour or so for, uh, the reasonable future.




  1. augie said,

    In the future, set your hardware clock to GMT and use NTP.

  2. Chris said,

    In the future, I won’t run apache in a chroot jail under openbsd on a sun. Arr. Shivver me configs. P-)

  3. Ian said,

    Now, now, you two. Don’t go there. Not every comment has to have links in it.

  4. Sarra said,

    Ian, have I ever mentioned how much I admire you? The amount of effort you put into making other posters look silly is incredible.

  5. Ian said,

    It’s not work if you have fun doing it!

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