May 19, 2004

Graduation Night

Posted in General at 8:03 pm by Ian

For an excellent description of the actual graduation and proximate after-effects, I direct you to Sarra, who did a wonderful job of cataloging them. I was in a sort of daze for most of it, either excited or bored, and not quite able to concentrate on anything. The last half of Scripps’ graduation was good too. And damned if those little bite-sized cashew pies they had at Scripps weren’t worth going back for fourths.

That night, AB and Kyle wanted to do something, but there was nothing to do. Everything was closed, and done, and packed, which was driven home by the repeated response, to all of Kyle’s suggestions and requests, of “it’s packed.” <digression>His bedding for the nights he was there consisted of a couch, a fitted sheet (unfitted), a towel (which was also used as a towel), and the curtain, which was still attached to the wall. I still claim that that’s better than what I had to sleep on when I visited him Freshman year and had to sleep on the floor</digression>

We went for a walk. For about an hour, actually. Winding our way down through the campuses and then through the Village until we finally turned around at First street. We talked some, but I have no recollection of what we talked about. Mostly I was just aware of my memories. I had a cascade of images from the past few years running through my head, and it was all I could do to concentrate on moving past them.

I remembered the weekly Saturday trek that Nikhil and Phil and I made down to the Coop store to spend our flex, before we became jaded and lazy, and ran out by Tuesday after frequent trips to the Muddhole.

I remembered the first dance competition in the ballroom, how Sarra and Katie and I trembled in each others arms, and how proud we were at what we won.

I remembered a trip with Lisa down to the Library in the pouring rain, and the heat of the soup we had, and how when I came back, I got so wet that I gave up on my umbrella, and just danced through the rivers in the streets.

I remembered first meetings with old friends, freshman jitters and senior angst, first kisses and final goodbyes, and I looked away into the unusually clear night sky, because then as now, it was all I could do not to cry.



  1. Mom said,

    I am amazed by your entries soemtimes. I am so glad you went to Mudd for college.

  2. Sarra said,


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