May 22, 2004

Car-Buying Woes

Posted in General at 9:41 pm by Ian

Ok, so I want a Mazda Miata. I’ve always liked them, they’re fun to drive, and you can get them cheap. At least, some hypothetical person might be able to get them cheap.

The first one I saw, I almost ended up buying, but there were complications. The guy rubbed my Mom the wrong way. Like, the way Satan rubs people the wrong way. Even now, several days after she saw the guy, I’ll wander into the room, and hear snippets of conversation, as she’s telling umpteenth friend/relative about it on her new cell phone:

“…And then just repeated the same line over to me… bad feeling about it… not overreacting!…”

Oh, yes. We’ve got cell phones now. I’m at 805-252-3299 (Santa Barbara Area Code!) and you should totally call to chat. Especially on nights and weekends. Or, if you still have to pay long distance (chumps), tell me to call and chat on nights and weekends.

I saw a much nicer one down in Marin, with way low milage (58K, for a 12 year old car), and in very nice shape in general. But I didn’t think it was worht the $5000 he was asking for it. I was, it turns out, wrong, as someone bought it from him today. Damn.

So, this first Miata, it seemed pretty good, and checked out mechanically, but then I saw on CARFAX that it may have had the odometer rolled back. So it may not be around 100K miles, it could be as much as 200K. I didn’t actually notice this until after I made an offer. When I mentioned it to him, he claimed not to know what I was talking about, and had records for the time he’d owned it. Did I mention that this guy is a car dealer? Yeah, so he knows exactly what I was talking about. But I was still shakily going through with it. We made arrangements to sign the papers and exchange money.

And then his wife calls me to get some info on me to fill out the bill of sale, and casually mentions that there’s a loan on the car, so they need to square it with the bank before I actually get the title mailed to me.

Yeah. Right.

So I’m going to call that one off. Which means that I get to spend the next few days car shopping. Again. woo.

Except for tomorrow, which I’m spending helping Eric paint his house, because that way, whichever car I do end up buying, it’s $150 closer to being mine.


  1. Chris said,

    You could get a pretty nice used Ducati for $5k 🙂 .

  2. Liza said,

    What kind of cell did you get? If it’s Sprint, all the better.

  3. JT said,

    Cell phones rub me the wrong way like Satan rubs people the wrong way…

  4. Sarra said,

    Miatas don’t have roll bars… *gets very worried*

  5. Ian said,

    I got a cingular one. Made by Sony and Ericsson. T616. Now let’s hope that it works in Santa Barbara like they claimed it would!

  6. Ian said,

    Unworry yourself. Mine will have a rollbar. I consider it not so much a safety feature as a $300 investment in not having Mom whine at me.

  7. Sarra said,

    Good! Now I won’t whine at you either.

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