May 25, 2004


Posted in General at 11:23 pm by Ian

I’d post a picture, but I sold my camera.

She’s red, with a black top. Changed her fluids today, and tomorrow a new windshield goes in.

And she needs a name.


  1. Adam said,

    So that camera payed for whay? A seat belt? A pair of fuzzy dice?

  2. Ian said,

    No, no. I just wanted a better camera. I just haven’t yet gotten a better camera.

  3. Dan said,

    I say you let a bag of 6 or 7 Scrabble tiles determine her name!

  4. Adam said,

    I’d say do that, but Canada style: C, “eh”, N, “eh”, D, “eh”

  5. Liza said,

    I say name her after a really hot actress.

  6. Lisa said,

    Name her ‘Your Mom.’

    Or possibly Pallas Athene. It’s so Heinlein.

  7. Matt said,

    Fast? Easy? Filled with new fluids? Fun to ride? So ugly you can’t post a picture? Charges you dearly each time you pump? I cast a second vote for “Your Mom.”

  8. JT said,

    Cars need old lady names. Especially used cars. So I’d suggest Petunia, Stella, or Edna.

  9. Ian said,

    Hey, I’ve driven your mom enough already. It’s time for a change.

    And, JT, old loserly cars get old ladies’ names. Cool old cars that are fun and sporty get better names.

  10. JT said,

    Well, I wasn’t given an age, I was just given a discription of a possiblitly of somewhere around 100,000 miles on the odometer…thus my old lady thought.

    For newerish, more fun names, what about Angela or some derivative thereof?

  11. Lisa said,

    “The Stealth Pirette”

  12. Liza said,

    Or perhaps you can name her like you recommend naming a dog. _____: _____

  13. Adam said,

    Throng: Eater of Souls

  14. Liza said,

    How about Maggie?

  15. Leslie said,

    Mmmm…I was trying to think of cool names and I came across a guy in Texas who named his cherry red Miata Maeve. He then went on to write that “Ever since Miatas came to America in 1989, their yuppie owners have been naming them. In fact, it’s viewed within Miata club circles as a crime to not name your Miata.” On a list of the Top 25 sexy female names are both Gabrielle
    and Cerise. My question: who comes up with this crap?

  16. Kevin said,

    What about Trendy? You said that’d be a cool name for a girl.

  17. Matt said,

    Always avoid annoying alliteration. My Miata named Maggie? Surely something starting sans “M” sounds sexier.

  18. Sarra said,

    Maeve is cool.

  19. augie said,

    What about Mia the Miata?

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