May 28, 2004

She Who Has No Name

Posted in General at 4:18 pm by Ian

Ok. I’m now in San Luis Obispo, and near enough a wireless transmitter to post these. And by “these,” I actually just mean one picture. Not only is this one taken from an angle where the paint looks good, the others have me in them, and I woke up right when my Dad got there and took pictures, so those pictures need not be shared.


Ain’t she pretty?


  1. Lisa said,

    You could name her ‘Pretty.” Or, “Precious Rainbow Butterfly.”

  2. Ian said,

    But there’s no rainbow on her…

  3. didi said,

    How about naming her after another car? it’s what I often do with animals, and i think is spunky. Like my fish, Chinchilla, for example.

    so how about Ferrari, Jaguar, Porche (or Portia, if you want to be literary and witty), or something else that would make her feel grande? Or something ecletic and funny, like Citroen, or the ferrari models Enzo or Dino? Also, I know you wanted a girl’s name, but having a car named Aston Martin would be so hot. Badass, and SO hot.

  4. didi said,

    p.s. That’s the official car of James Bond, for any of you who aren’t educated in such important things. Or would try to challenge it’s hotness.

  5. Kyle Stewart said,

    Soooo… preeeeeetty….. 😮

  6. Ian said,

    Yes she is pretty and fun too.
    I am naming her ‘happy fun ball’ until the roll bar is in.

  7. Mama said,

    Yes she is pretty and oh so fun to drive. I can attest.
    I am naming her’happy fun ball’ until the roll bar goes in.

  8. Ian said,

    Jeez, Mom. Can’t you come up with an original comment? 😉

  9. Sarra said,

    I was thinking more along the lines of “Death Trap” until the roll bar goes in.

  10. Dan said,

    WOOOHOOO! Nice! Makes me jealous!

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