May 31, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Posted in General at 10:48 pm by Ian

I rented a loft apartment above the garage behind a house on the west side of Santa Barbara. The house is at 907 W. Valerio St., which I suppose puts me at 907 ½ W. Valerio, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. The bottom floor of my apartment is 20′ by 20′, and is about half kitchen/bathroom, and half living room. The upper floor is about half that size (above the kitchen). So I’ve got about 600 sq. feet. And, now, the pictures, because you don’t really care about the other stuff until you see pictures.


The kitchen. Suitable for a gourmet.


The stove, which for God knows what reason I took a nice closeup of.


The bathroom, right off the end of the kitchen (Hey, if you were building an apartment above a garage, I bet you wouldn’t want to try to run plumbing up two walls)


A closer-up on the bathroom. Cozy.


The west end of the living room, which is a massive walk-in closet. The other end of the living room is relatively boring. So boring, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture. I think it has a window or something.


The long and arduous climb to the bedroom. Also, The Ashleigh, who seemed quite taken with the place.


The east end of the bedroom. The west end looks nearly the same, except that there’s no red trunk in it. I mean. There could be, if I moved the red trunk over there. But there’s only one red trunk.

Also, I should note that the little window cut-outs (which have a name; Peg told me) are exactly 1.5″ taller than I am, which is just tall enough for me to walk without worrying about hitting my head.


The treacherous descent.

Rich and Claudia and their 7-year-old daughter (whose name escapes me) live in the house below, along with a very lovable dog named Lizzie. The apartment allows cats, so I foresee the pitter-patter of kitten feet in the near future. All the utilities are paid, and there’s a washer and dryer I can use, and there’s high speed internet, and my cell phone gets a strong signal inside the apartment. I have to park on the street, but since it’s a little residential neighborhood, I don’t think there will be any problem finding a spot (certainly all the times I came over there were plenty of spaces).

I’m about a mile from the closest beach, and less than two miles from the wharf and the harbor. I’m five to eight blocks from the freeway (depending on which way you’re coming or going). I’m less than a mile to work.



  1. Kevin said,

    Nice. I totally would have gotten a loft if there were any available in SD. Looks spacious and nicely lit. And damn, I wish I had your commute. 😛

    When’re you moving in?

  2. JT said,

    It looks great! I’m jealous, what with my basement room I live in and all.

    But those “stairs”…seems quite dangerous for a mid-night venture to the bathroom…

  3. Dan said,

    Nice place! Watch out for the pitter-patter of kitten feet on the steep stair case though!

    BTW – thank the gods that you have a gas stove. Electric stoves suck and cost much more.

  4. augie said,

    Neat! I hope it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  5. Ian said,

    Actually, it’s pretty reasonable (for Santa Barbara). And I was thinking of a little kitty elevator. Or possibly a little kitty emergency slide.

  6. Sarra said,

    That looks wonderful! I’m so glad you found a good place.

    When can I come visit?

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