June 5, 2004

Road Trip: Portland

Posted in General at 10:26 pm by Ian

A bit of an update on my progress:

I got in on Thursday at around nine o’clock, after an epic eleven and a half hours on the road. It would have been a bit faster, had I been properly prepared. For those of you who plan to make a similar trip, I should warn you.

  1. There are no gas stations north of Redding for about forty miles. And when there finally is one, it’s really expensive. This means, kids, that when you’re passing Redding, and only have an eighth of a tank left, it’s time to pull over for gas. I didn’t run out, but I did drive at about 50 mph those last 20 miles or so, stretching my fuel efficiency to the limits.
  2. Foolish Oregonians. Driving the speed limit.
  3. Allow for the unfortunate crack habits of city planners ( ::cough:: Salem ::cough:: ) to slow you down. Like, it’s just possible that certain ill-designed streets could put you back on the freeway going the wrong way with neither warning nor an ability to turn around for five miles. Doubly bad if you happen to be in said city near rush hour.

And I was going to write so much more, but I’m tired, now, so you’ll have to wait.

Next time on evilblog: A Japanese Jazz Dance Team on the Waterfront. The mystery of the Eelfest. And how many beers it takes to make Starsky and Hutch an entertaining movie (three). Same Evil time. Same Evil station.


  1. JT said,

    If that’s all that happened to you on the road, it sounds kinda boring.

    Ok, I lie.

    But for it to be epic, there needs to be stories of avoiding cute wildlife creatures on the road at 2 in the morning. And getting lost helps too.

    But it’s good to hear you made the trip safe and sound.

  2. Mama said,

    I heard it is cold and rainy up there so Iam throwing in some blankets and a rain coat for the performances. Lovely weather for outdoor theater, what?
    Thanks for the tip. Redding…tank up. Will do. Love ya.

  3. Matt said,

    There’s a (semi) cheap Arco at exit 14 in Ashland. Since it’s a high crime in my family to overpay for gas, we have all the cheap gas exits memorized between Seattle and LA.

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