June 12, 2004

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Posted in General at 12:05 am by Ian

It turns out that it would be convenient for me to have a car that seats 4 during the week of the 17thish through the 26thish. Anyone in the Santa Barbara to LA area want to trade?

Your car will be sitting in a garage most of that time, I just need to haul around more people to and from the cruise I’ll be on.

Oh. And in case you’d forgotten:



  1. Liza said,

    Where will the cruise take you?

  2. Ian said,


  3. Ian said,

    And Catalina Island.

    And somewhere else I forget. South of San Diego maybe.

  4. Becca said,

    Well Mexico is generally considered to be south of San Diego…

  5. JT said,

    Catalina Island….sweet! I went there once in high school and it was awesome. Never been to San Diego or Mexico, so I can’t rate them. Sounds like a good trip.

  6. Sarra said,

    Actually — no, wait, that won’t work, my dad has to drive my car that week.

    My mom and I are taking my dad’s car up to Mendicino for the week, you see, leaving two cars and one person at home. I was going to offer you my car, but the only other car left would be the (two-seater) sports car, and my dad can’t drive that. Sorry. 😦

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