June 15, 2004

Road Trip: Philip and the Mystery of the Carnie Jazz iPod Brewery Smoke Floats

Posted in General at 11:45 pm by Ian

Phil and Didi and I ventured downtown on the MAX, which stands for something, I think, to go see the waterfront, which had a sort of carnival thing going on, with musical acts. I had seen in the paper a listing for a “Japanese Jazz Dance Team,” and wanted to go check that out.

But it was not yet time for that, so we walked down the concourse, gazing at the carnies and pointing at the prizes and snickering at the suckers. Someday I’d like to make one of those basketball shot games with a hoop that’s so eccentric that the ball won’t even fit through it and then just rake in the money. You could offer ridiculous prizes, too, like Jet-Skis and vacations to Switzerland. If anyone ever seriously challenged me, I could argue that a skilled team, working with the guys who have those red star BB-gun targets, could still get it through. Or divine intervention. So that’s two ways to win, right there!

Then we went to the kids Discovery Area, which I think is exactly the same discovery area that goes to the county fair here, because I distinctly remember seeing the very same marble contraption before. There was a set of boxes with rubber over the tops, into which it was suggested that you reach, to experience different tactile sensations. Well, as I was reaching into the first box with great trepidation (and this…. is what a mousetrap feels like!), a woman came up behind me and grabbed me quickly on the sides, a gotcha. I jumped, and we both laughed. And then I felt down with greater confidence, eventually finding an anticlimactic bicycle seat. Over a little further, there was a beach ball floating in the eddies of jet of air blown straight up, to demonstrate the Bernoulli principle. We quickly discovered that by carefully controlling the flow of air using our hands as a baffle, we could gain some real scientific insight into how to chuck the beach ball at each other without ever touching it! Mother Goose then came by to invite us to her storytelling hour, which reminded us that the Japanese Jazz Dance team was about to begin. So we missed the story hour, but I think she was an imposter anyway. Since my return, I have studied my old books carefully, and in not one of my distinguished references does Mother Goose wear a headset microphone.

Didi then had to run off and meet someone, so Phil and I were on our own.

The Jazz dance team was pretty spiffy. It was all women, and they danced about five numbers, most of which were a cross between what looked like very traditional Japanese fan dance type stuff and a much more modern hip-hoppy style. Their costumes were also sometimes very traditional and sometimes not. I liked it.

After we left the carnival, we wandered downtown a bit for a place to eat, and settled on a little microbrew that made a damn fine Reuben, and had a beer sampler with 10 beers! It was awesome.

Also occurring that day was a trip to the mall (well, two malls, actually, because the first one didn’t have an Apple store) to get myself a nice, 15GB, Tax-free iPod. And a little radio transmitter so that I could play it on my car stereo. We went out into the countryside and took turns driving my car on really fun windy roads, and then also enjoyed a nice relaxing stop off the side of the road until the brakes stopped smoking so much. And then we went to A&W for Root Beer floats. I have to admit that Root Beer on tap is pretty damn awesome. And then we went to Didi’s and watched a movie, and wrapped it all up with some Magicking back at Phil’s, until I finally crashed at around three am.

What a day!



  1. Adam said,

    That would be the Metropolitan Area eXpress. (In case anyone was curious).

  2. AB said,

    Dude! It’s totally downtown to the MAX! Xtreme!!!11!one

  3. Ethan said,

    Windy roads in a Miata sound crazy fun. Way to be.

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