June 28, 2004

Look, I have a job!

Posted in General at 11:38 am by Ian

I am now a productive member of society.

Well, not just this second, I’m not; right now I’m posting to my blog.

Soon to come (when I get internet access at home, probably Thursday) is the completion of catching up on stuff that happened to me from the road trip on and pictures of my new office.

Oh, yeah. That’s right. I have my own office.

With a window.



  1. Liza said,

    WOW! :o. Your own office (and a job)! NICE!

  2. JT said,

    You say you have a window, but nothing on what it looks out at. My money is on a wall across the alley. Or directly into a large bush/tree that obscures any quality viewing.

    Congrats on the job! And the office! So…what is it that you do now?

  3. Evan said,

    You know, m’friend, it’s good to hear when someone does something successful in life. Even if it isn’t me. -smiling- Congrads, and is that Miata your car? Damn. Btw… email me so’s i can get your email.

  4. Adam said,

    And here I thought you’d be living in a cubicle farm. Now you don’t have anything to aspire to. Where will your productivity go? Well, maybe an office with two windows.

  5. Sarra said,

    My desk (it’s not really mine, I have to be out of it when the PhD it really belongs to comes back from vacation) is right next to a window, and I got almost nothing done today. I spent the whole time staring at the pretty tree right outside.

    Be careful, Ian. They put you in an office with a window to see if your will is greater than your desire to goof off. It’s the first step towards firing you.

  6. Daniel said,


    It’s okay, I guess you earned it. 😀

  7. Mama said,

    I smiled when I read this. Your own office. I am soooooo happy for you and proud too. I am smiling as I write this. Bless you boy. Ya done good. Mama

  8. Ian said,

    Little danger of it driving me to distraction. I can’t actually see anything but sky unless I stand up. It looks out over the majestic Green Hills parking lot.

    I can see my car from here!

  9. Jonah said,

    I so know what you mean, Sarra. My desk faces straight at a window with two big fountains down below. How the heck do they expect me to get anything done?!

  10. Lisa said,

    My desk faces a red wall. But sometimes I get to go into a small, dark room with dangerous radiation sources!

    Wait… :doh:

  11. Becca said,

    I dont really have a desk, or a window. I do get to try to keep organized and use at least 3 different labs, and store my stuff (mostly) in a fourth, though. Does that count?

  12. Katie said,

    I have an office with a window! It looks out on a wonderful tree, and beyond that, a little courtyard where lots of people eat lunch. The people with the offices across the hall from me have the best view though. They look out on the water. It’s so not fair! But I suppose I kind of lied, it’s not completely my office anymore, I share it with the other intern Winslow, and sometimes Amie, who doesn’t let me listen to music (which I’m highly annoyed about) but I do have my very own computer that no one else uses, and it’s the fastest one in the room, so hah! *shifty eyes* Right. And where I get paid there are lots of windows, so that I can look out on the beautiful weather that we’re having any place I am, and wish that I was anywhere but cooped up inside on a computer, or serving people food. Wait, so why am I sitting here on a computer again? Going outside…. 🙂

  13. Liza said,

    I know you have a job and all but don’t slack off on your updating. Some people don’t have a job and check evilblog.net multiple times a day.

  14. Sarra said,

    Some people do have a job and check evilblog.net multiple times a day.

  15. Ethan said,

    There are no windows in the Advertising Dept. where I work or the Creative Imaging dept. adjacent to us… my sister asked me what state secrets we’re hiding.

    Last summer when I worked in City Hall, I had a corner office on the top floor with two walls of windows, two rooms away from the Mayor doing PR shtuff. But then again, Kansas summers don’t always encourage lots of window usage. Yick.

    There, I have added to the catalogue of “Windows With Which We Work” that you’re so graciously hosting… this list’ll show up in some study someday, i’m sure.

  16. Ian said,

    Calm yourselves. I’ll be back to frequent posting just as soon as my home internet connection, for which I already have the dixie cups, and Cox assures me they’ll soon send the string, is set up.

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