July 5, 2004

Is He Strong? Listen Bud, He’s Got Radioactive Blood

Posted in General at 12:18 am by Ian

My bullet-point review of Spiderman 2, which I saw Saturday night. If you haven’t seen it yet, just watch the trailer, it gives the whole story away anyway.

  • With great power comes great responsibility™. We should soon see it emblazoned on T-shirts and little inspirational wallet cards.
  • How is it, exactly, that the costume somehow blends into one continuous surface as soon as he puts the head part on?
  • Why did they bother to have the contrived “controlled fusion” thing, and just introduce the arms as a means to an end. C’mon! Artificial arms, incredibly strong and elastic, controlled directly by the human brain–what, that’s not impressive enough?
  • Awesome, awesome homage to The Evil Dead, also directed by Sam Raimi, in the hospital scene.
  • The wet T-shirt clause in Kirsten Dunst’s contract was apparently upgraded to a wet dress-pulled-taught-by-a-fusion-magnetic-field-thingy clause. Given this rate of improvement, I look forward greatly to the third Spiderman movie. Nippletastic.
  • And, now that I’m on sequels, although not directly related to Spidey, I saw a trailer for Blade 3, for which I have high hopes. The first one was so good that I’m willing to overlook the suckiness of the second just so that I can be further disappointed by the third ::sigh::

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  1. Philip Vegdahl said,

    Haven’t seen it yet since I just got done with LAUP and am catching up on your blog, but I’m guessing the thing with the radiation accident is because that’s how it happens in the original comics. In those, the suit originally was controlled by knobs on the front and was removable. The explotion welds it to his body, lets him control it with his mind, and makes him go crazy. I guess for this movie the accident only facilitates his going crazy.

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