July 9, 2004

I’m Cooler Than You

Posted in General at 5:56 pm by Ian

I just got a gmail account.

Now, shower me with praise and adulation, that I might be pleased enough to bestow upon thee an invite (when I get some).



  1. Mama said,

    Forgive my stupidity but I don’t understand this. I clicked on it and it went to GMail. What is GMail?

  2. Ian said,


    So cool, in fact, that I feel no need to close my <a href> tags.

    I fixed it. But, yes, a gmail account. It’s like a geek initiation and currency all in one.

  3. JT said,

    Dude! How do you get to be that cool? I want to be that cool! Please, teach me the ways, my Yoda-like master!

  4. Ian said,

    One more time.

    With feeling.

  5. JT said,

    What? That was all sincere.

    Did you see that you can send and recieve Gmail in Klingon? Ultra-geeky! I would consider learning Klingon just to use it in an email. Thus, I am more envious of the ultra groovy Ian.

  6. Ian said,

    But isn’t Klingon just mapped to the Roman alphabet anyway? I could send and receive Klingon email in elm if I wanted to.

  7. Liza said,

    Dude, I want one! I’ve been trying to get one for weeks. Remember who took you to the best sandwich place in the world and who told you how to get to 101 south. (It was not mapquest!)

  8. Kevin said,

    Hey cool, I’ve got one too! I never check it, but kpanghmc@gmail.com if you’re wondering. 😛

  9. AB said,

    Man, you guys are obviously better connected than I am. I’m still getting by with yahoo mail–is gmail that much cooler?

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