July 12, 2004

Here I Am Buying Food Like a Sucker!

Posted in General at 1:41 pm by Ian

On Friday morning I learned that there are bagels in the GHS kitchen every morning, just for eating. I already knew that there were snacks around, but, not relishing the thought of eating a granola bar for breakfast, I had been foolishly squandering my budget on breakfast foods and my sleepy time on preparing them.

This morning I learned that if you get here early, the good bagels are still here.



  1. Ethan said,

    the question is, what constitutes a good bagel? Are you talking about specific kinds, like blueberry or cinnamon raisin, or do you just mean non-lithified whatever?

  2. Ian said,

    I will answer that question in two ways:
    1. Melted cheese
    2. Jalapeños

  3. Ethan said,

    Aha. ‘Nuff said.

  4. Sarra said,

    We have french bread and paté at my work. Does that qualify it to be as cool as yours?

  5. Ian said,

    It’s close. Hard to tell, really.

    Is the french bread delivered fresh daily? That’d probably put it over the top.

  6. Lisa said,

    Hazel brews a pot of tea in the coffeemaker every afternoon. It’s not food, but… I feel British.

  7. Sarra said,

    Yes, yes, it is. Moreover, our coffee maker does not brew coffee into a general pot. Instead, you get an individual bag of coffee grounds in the flavour of your choice, insert it into the coffee machine, and it brews your coffee on the spot.

    The Columbian Roast is really quite good.

  8. Mama said,

    I eat only fruit for breakfast. I do remember bagels, dimly. Will the perks never end?

  9. Matt said,

    It turns out that my dad is a part of some collaboration between Honeywell and Green Hills on one aspect of flight management computers. When he found out that that’s who you’re working for, he went on and on about what good work they do. Somewhat off topic, yes, but an interesting tidbit none the less.

  10. didi said,

    *sigh* How little you know of quality food at work. Every single day I am surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of restaurant quality seafood. Then there’s an array of local produce and spices from curry to chipotle sauce to jell-o.

    But the creme de la creme – The marine life department has it’s very own Hawaiian ice maker 😀 That’s how you build morale.

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