July 16, 2004

The $-17,163.15 Man

Posted in General at 7:56 pm by Ian

I just deposited my first paycheck, which has, according to Quicken, rocketed my Net Worth into the negative Seventeen Thousands.

Stupid school loans.



  1. JT said,

    Hey, at least you’re moving in the right direction. I’m at -$30,000 something and growing. You people and your jobs. You make me sick.

    Or jealous.

  2. Liza said,

    If you convert it into Euros, you owe 13,783.45 Euros…and since a Euro is approximately a dollar, you can assume that you owe 13,783.45 dollars and go back and forth like that, until you feel like you owe nearly nothing.

  3. Ian said,

    There must be some intricate flaw in this brilliant logic, but I, for one, am unable to extricate it.

  4. Mama said,

    It is sort of like the logic on the fake cammercials that Saturday Night Live did. This bank had as its only business the making of change. Teh spokeman said, ‘You might wonder how we make a business of this. Volume. That is the answer.
    Good to know wher you stand Isn’t Qucken wonderful/

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