July 16, 2004

You Have To Read This

Posted in General at 6:35 pm by Ian

I just finished reading The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, a novel by Roger Williams that is available to read online for free. I started reading it about two hours and fifteen minutes ago. I could not put it down.

It describes a possible future that is at once terrifying and spectacularly wonderful, and the science that powers it is believable. To quote AB (who just started reading it at my suggestion) “It’s an interesting combination of compelling and revolting.” A comment on kuro5hin called it “pornographic in a non-graphic way.” It’s the confluence of hedonism and suffering that is incredibly powerful. The final chapter gave me goosebumps.


Though I’d love to speak about it, I don’t want to spoil the story, so I will leave you with just the tagline:

In the best possible future, there will be
no war, no famine, no crime,
no sickness, no oppression,
no fear, no limits, no shame…
…and nothing to do.


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  1. AB said,

    Having recently finished this, I have to second Ian’s suggestion. But don’t start reading it right after dinner 🙂

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