July 18, 2004

Gamera Vs. Barugon

Posted in General at 9:10 am by Ian

I started watching the oldest remaining episode of MST3K recently. Sadly, there are no known surviving copies of episodes 1-3. And all the old ones are Nth generation copies of VHS tapes taped off of TV. Unfortunately, the moron who made the Gamera movies that appear a lot in the earlier seasons considers himself an artist, and regrets giving the MST3K guys a chance to mock his “work,” so even when it was syndicated later, those episodes were never shown again.

It’s kind of like watching a bad movie through water, and their comedy is relatively primitive, still. My understanding is that for the first season, they didn’t even necessarily watch the movies all the way through before sitting down to record the episode, so it’s much more hit-and-miss, and sometimes a minute or two goes by between comments. Still, it’s very cool to see the roots of such an awesome show.


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