July 24, 2004

Carrot Juice Makes Computers 1337!

Posted in General at 4:30 pm by Ian

MudderWalrus: i spilld cao juic on m kboad.
MudderWalrus: h h h.
Aaron Becker: bummer
MudderWalrus: h op o dosn’ ok v ll.
MudderWalrus: ha ha ha.
Aaron Becker: 🙂
MudderWalrus: gonna go g a n on.
Aaron Becker: i have no idea what you’re talking about
MudderWalrus: i’m going 2 pu|2chas3 a n3\/\/ 1
MudderWalrus: ha ha ha.
Aaron Becker: oh, why didn’t you say so
MudderWalrus: 1337 has a good us3.
MudderWalrus: n3v3|2mind. i don’7 3v3n n33d a n3\/\/ 1.
Aaron Becker: that’s good, because i can’t get the commercially available ones
MudderWalrus: ///
MudderWalrus: up. shif7 no \/\/0\2ks
Aaron Becker: not that this isn’t working great, but you probably should get that new keyboard
MudderWalrus: m3h.
Aaron Becker: fair point
Aaron Becker: i just got a new keyboard the other day, actually
Aaron Becker: it’s awesome–super clicky
MudderWalrus: `/3ah
MudderWalrus: \/\/007
Aaron Becker: nice “y”
MudderWalrus: 7hanks.
MudderWalrus: i’m g377ing p\2377`/ good a7 7his
Aaron Becker: i know i’m impressed
MudderWalrus: \/\/ha7 kind did `/ou g37
Aaron Becker: i got it from pckeyboards.com — it’s basically a clone of the old ibm style keyboards
Aaron Becker: it cost like $50, but it’s built like a tank
MudderWalrus: i 7hink i’ll jus7 g37 \/\/ha73v3\2 7hd`/ hav3 a7 7h3 s7o\23
Aaron Becker: yeah, seems like your need is a little more immediate than mine was
MudderWalrus: m`/ k3`/s a\23 s7ick`/
Aaron Becker: i’ve heard you can sometimes run them through the dishwasher, and after they dry they work again
MudderWalrus: i don’7 hav3 a dish\/\/ash3\2.
MudderWalrus: i h8 7his boa\2d an`/\/\/a`/



  1. Sarra said,

    Best. Ever.

  2. AB said,

    I think the funniest thing about this is that even with the broken keyboard you held up like 2/3s of the conversation.

  3. Nikhil said,

    I’m very impressed. Mostly that AB continued to converse with you for so long

  4. Matt said,

    Well, you clearly showed your keyboard who pwns who.

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