July 24, 2004

Mozilla <Adjective><Animal>

Posted in General at 7:45 pm by Ian

I know that lots of you have resisted moving to Firefox as a browser, and a commonly stated reason is that the name hasn’t changed for a few months. Let me show you Firesomething, which makes a new name for your browser every time you run it!

This post made with Mozilla Superkoala.



  1. Sarra said,

    I would like point out that when I tried to upgrade to Mozilla Firefox, it 1) disabled my internet connection; 2) deleted my previous copy of Mozilla; and 3) erased my favorites.

    I don’t think I’m going to risk that again.

  2. Daniel said,

    I stumbled across this several months ago. It’s always great for a chuckle. It works with Firebird too. I wrote this comment using Mozilla SpacePhoenix

  3. Sarra said,

    Ah ha! So it does. Thank you, Daniel. 🙂

    This post written using Mozilla Moonoyster.

  4. Daniel said,

    I’m not sure if the developer(s) have more than one version, but in the one I have you can add your own elements and animals. a buddy of mine added a bunch of his own elements and animals. So he ends up with all sorts of crazy things like Mozilla IronRat and Mozilla TitaniumGnat

  5. Ian said,

    That is awesome!

    I didn’t even realize you could do that.

    This post made with Mozilla Lightningpony

  6. Adam said,

    I was quite surprised to see your company on Slashdot this morning.

    I won’t be insulted if you want to delete this and not discuss it due to your previous comment about talking about work here.

  7. Ian said,

    Actually, I was planning to link to it, but I’m not going to comment on it.

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