July 27, 2004


Posted in General at 3:02 pm by Ian

A pox upon he who eats of the frozen M&M’s and sees fit not to replace them. Upon his head shall be the eternal tormet due him for my inability to snack upon deliciously frigid confectionary-wrapped, cocoa-ensconced legumes.

Fie. Fie!



  1. JT said,

    Well, I guess this goes to show you shouldn’t do anything to piss off Ian. I certainly don’t want a plague on all of my houses.

  2. Ian said,

    On just one or two would be ok, though?

  3. Liza said,

    Frozen M&Ms? What would people think of next?

  4. JT said,

    Well, I guess it depends on how severe the infraction against Ian would be. In the current situation (vanishing of frozen M&M’s), I would say maybe one might be justified, in a George W. Bush on Iraq kind of way.

  5. Katie said,

    You know, I did a project my sophomore year in high school on the many different ways people ate M&Ms, and I don’t think frozen was one of them. I’d have to dig out the project to be sure, but I don’t remember ever hearing about eating frozen M&Ms before. There were at least seven other ways though. Way to be original. 😉 And who ever said there would be a plague upon your houses? There was a pox, and eternal torment… is it the same thing?

  6. Ian said,

    That’s funny. I’ve always eaten chocolate candy cold. What, pray tell, were the other ways?

  7. Dad said,

    In a pot, nine days old?

  8. Mama said,

    melty melty melty, yum

  9. didi said,

    frozen candy is the best, and pretty common as far as I can tell. They often sell them in the snack bars by pools, or other particularly hot places. You know what I mean.

    Pilfering such a snack, especially during the summer months, puts appropriate punishment somewhere between being pushed off a cliff or burned alive, at least in my book.
    But a pox kills innocent families too. Good call.

  10. Katie said,

    Let’s see, there were different ways of sorting them, so you could do it by color, or size, and then eat one color at a time, or eat one of each color all at once, you could melt them in a microwave, throw them up in the air and catch them in your mouth, suck on them until they were mushy in your mouth, I don’t remember the last one, but it wasn’t frozen.

  11. Ethan said,

    I know this is dumb, but it’s bugging me — ensconced has two “c”s. Excellent word though.

  12. Ian said,

    Noted. Fixed.

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