August 1, 2004

Procrastination: 1, Planning: 0

Posted in General at 8:17 pm by Ian

Because I didn’t bother to get a microwave until now, I just got a free one from my landlord. They got a new one as a wedding present. It’s a nice big hefty one, too, suitable for cooking vast quantities of food, as for an army or a family reunion. Way better than the cheapo 400 Watt plastic thing I would have bought.




  1. JT said,

    Nice move! Anything else you can pilfer – I mean recieve as a gift – from the landlord?

  2. Liza said,

    “…Suitable for cooking…” What recipes do you cook in a microwave? Oh, and kudos!

  3. Ethan said,

    Free microwaves are awesome — was it hefty and powerful, or was it just hefty because it’s primitive? Either way, heavy microwaves seem more reliable than light flimsy ones, regardless of actual quality. Maybe it’s because they just look like they’re better at keeping in all those gamma rays. *ahem*.

    ps – isn’t it weird to call the machine itself a microwave? It would be terrible if you had to buy individual waves — perhaps you could buy them in bulk. Shipping and handling might be a bit more expensive, either way.

  4. Ian said,

    The other cool thing about calling them “microwaves” is that it resulted in the creation of a new retronym (which is one of my favorite words).

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