August 3, 2004

Fourth Time’s The Charm

Posted in General at 9:38 pm by Ian

I’m getting a new laptop, courtesy of Apple Computers.

I have sent this one back three times before, and it’s been having weird and annoying problems with the backlight of the screen for a few months, so I finally called up Tech Support during my lunch break today. After speaking with several different people, all of whom put me on hold, I finally got an answer back from the guy. They’re going to replace it.

But they don’t have any of the computer that I bought lying around, so they’ll just give me the closest they have.

But… what about the stuff I had added to it? It might not be compatible. Will they replace that?

Yes. Yes, they will.

I had a 700 MHz G3 proc….I’m getting a 1 GHz G4
I had a CD drive….I’m getting a DVD/CD Burner
I had a 20 GB HDD…..I’m getting a 30.
I had an airport card (802.11 b)…..I’m getting an airport extreme card (802.11g)
I had 640 MB of SDRAM…..I’m getting 768 MB of DDR
I had a 16 MB video card….I’m getting a 32 MB card

I had an old computer. I’m getting a brand new one.

Now, if only my 3G iPod would break…



  1. JT said,


  2. Lisa said,

    That, my good sir, is officially FRICKIN’ AWESOME.

  3. Ethan said,

    haha! wow, that is tight. Maybe there’s some hidden clause that they have to replace and upgrade your iPod for free in the event that it stops working after you dunk it in syrup for a few hours… you could just try and then call them up to see if they will. I’m sure they’d see it your way…?

  4. Liza said,

    Kudos! Will you be giving it a name?

  5. Ian said,


  6. Sarra said,

    That’s short for “Lucky Bastard”.

  7. Ian said,

    😮 You put that period outside of the ” mark! Aren’t you afraid that my typesetter might have a tough time keeping that on the line because it’s so much smaller than the other tiles?

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