August 4, 2004

Blog Watch

Posted in General at 11:52 am by Ian

I’m not sure how much y’all read the other blogs I have listed below, but from time to time, I keep meaning to mention things that you should go read. But then I don’t. Until now (when I am).

First, Dan just got a new job and he and his wife Keli just found out they are expecting a baby! Go forth and congratulate him.

Second, Evan’s relatively new blog is really good. So far I’ve been very impressed, entertained, and edified by the stuff he’s posted there. Plus, right now it looks like a nice political argument is brewing, to which I made what I consider to be two witty comments, so you’ll all want to pull up some lawn chairs and take a look.


  1. Evan said,

    WOOHOO! I’m edifying! In all blognesty, the EvilBlog was my insblogration for the blogging dive into the blog world, where i’ve blogged my very own blog spot, and i’m happy to blog about blogs, and other bloggy stuff.
    Thanks Ian!

  2. Ian said,

    I like to say “blog.”

    “Blog, blog, blgo.”


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