August 6, 2004

For Everyone Else, I Suppose

Posted in General at 2:54 pm by Ian

Bush Opposes ‘Legacy’ College Admissions


  1. JT said,

    Yeah, that’s ok. But did you see where Bush really stands on terrorism and national security?

  2. Ian said,

    Bwa ha ha.

    That’s great.

    But this appears to be more serious. It doesn’t seem like a slip… he honestly thinks that those damned rich kids shouldn’t get a free pass to Yale.

  3. JT said,

    I wonder if he remembers he’s one of those damn rich kids who got a free pass to Yale…

  4. Ian said,

    That was… sorta my point.

  5. Evan Doty said,

    Hrm. It’s interesting- these days, being able to articulate well is being equated with intelligence. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Bush is the sharpest tool in the shed, but it might be kept in mind that he’s never lost a public debate.(See July/August Atlantic Monthly for interesting story re. Kerry/Bush debating styles). Everyone who talks to him in person says that he is inarticulate, but that he’s surprisingly intelligent. (Washington Post reporter, middle of july, don’t remember more than that.)
    On a different note, do you (anyone who’s reading) think that public figures are treated more extremely? Martha Stewart is who i’m thinking of. Did she really deserve time in jail for selling her stock a little early? The grounds for complaint have seemed legal, but of dubious necessity. I think they’re just crucifying her cuz she’s a Big Name… eh?

  6. Ian said,

    I don’t honestly think that Bush is nearly as dumb as people (yeah, including me) would like to make him out to be. My personal political view is that he’s been phenomenally successful getting people to like him… even when he’s not really serving their interests. I’ve also read that he seems much more intelligent in person.

    But really. Come on. Disagreeing with the machinery of maintaining the elite is a little too tough to swallow from Mr. Coattails.

  7. Evan said,

    Yeah well, not everyone can be as fortunate as Gore- with an accomplishment like the invention of the Internet, who can doubt his intellectual acumen?

  8. Lisa said,

    Aw, poor politicians. Everything they say comes back to haunt them!

    Just remember, folks, to solve all _your_ political woes,
    VOTE VENECHUK in 2020!
    “She’s barely legal… to be elected President of the United States of America!”

  9. Anya said,

    About Martha…It was actually not a problem that she sold her stock early (that, some believe she wouldn’t have a hard time fighting in court) the problem was that she lied about the events leading up to her selling. She said she was planning to sell them anyway, blah blah…so that is what she is getting canned for

  10. Evan said,

    Still, isn’t that rather insignificant? Think of how much money her trial cost; was it a good and well thought out use of federal, state, and local funds to punish martha stewert, the woman who made home made kitsch into… well… more home made kitsch?

  11. Anya said,

    so you are saying we shouldn’t have a trial of an obvious illegal act because of the monetary cost to the state? And I think the lying is on par with the Enron thing, we need ethics in place to establish stable and honest stock market competition. Besides, I think that Martha could do a lot for the vertical-bar-trend that is so passe!

  12. Ethan said,

    36 years old in 2020… sounds like dynamite.

  13. Ian said,

    Hmm. At best, Evan, Ia can interpret your comment as applying mainly to a particular instance. Martha really didn’t make that much off of this particular illegal act, and maybe we should be tracking down the big offenders.

    At worst, it sounds a whole lot like you are fine with the status quo of spending a lot of money putting the (black) guy who steals your stereo in prison while spending relatively little on the (white) guy who engages in corporate fraud and steals hundreds of millions from people’s retirement. In fact, you even go so far as to argue that insider trading and lying to the SEC aren’t worth prosecuting.

    Now, I know you’re not ignorant of business or how such things work (like most people are, which is why such inequity stands), so… help yourself out here.

  14. Sarra said,

    I agree with Eddie Izzard — there should be degrees of perjury, just like there are degrees of murder. Saying there wasn’t a Holocaust when eight million people died, that’s perjury one. Saying you didn’t shag someone when you did, that’s like perjury 10.

    Saying you didn’t earn money illegally when you did, I’d probably rate that at perjury three to six, depending on how the money was earned. Martha Stewart’s, from what I understand of it, would be about a perjury five.

  15. Liza said,

    Do you guys think that Martha’s punishment is fair? If not, what punishment would you give her?

  16. Evan Doty said,

    Ok. Stepping into the ring to defend myself. -puts on those ridiculous high wasted shiny shorts- 🙂
    First, I am only speaking of a particular case, or type of cases- celeberity cases. I think Martha got railroaded because she’s a big name, and a prosecutor can wear a big feather.
    Second, I didn’t bring up race; i think it’s irrelevant in this case. celebs of any color, or even both, i.e. Mikey Jackson, get tagged because of the good media a prosecutor can win.
    Third, I’m not unfamilliar with buisness, you’re right, and I don’t argue that insider trading and lying aren’t worth prosecuting. I instead argue that the circumstances be taken into account. Did she buy low, sell high and make a trillion bazillion dollars? No. She probably didn’t even notice the profits, in the huge moneypit that is Krappy Kitsch Enterprises.
    Fourth, the guy who actually precipitated the insider trading got his just desserts, didn’t he? He’s the big offender, He’s the one who violated the trust of his sacrosanct position.
    Fifth, and finally, if I ever go to court for something illegal, I hope the judge and jury take into account the circumstances of the event; that’s why we have a jury system.

  17. Anya said,

    To clear up what really happened in the trial. For the brief summary click on the Timeline link.

    I think that the circumstances are the most incriminating. She did buy low, and sell relatively high (considering the next day the stock plummeted), and saved herself from losing a trillion bazillion dollars.

    And Liza, about the punishment being fair: “Stewart gets five months in prison — the minimum the judge could impose under federal sentencing guidelines “. So in the realm of lying and obstructing truth, she simply got a slap on the wrist.

    I am actually tempted to argue that Martha’s celebrity status actually helped her get a reduced sentence. People love her, and trust her, who would send Martha to be somebody’s bitch?

  18. Ian said,

    I’d qualify Michael Jackson as a “neither” rather than a “both” 😉

  19. Mama said,

    Bush believes in the haves and the have mores. They are his base. Perhaps he only wants future political/industrial leaders not to have the advantages he had.

  20. JT said,

    I’ve been thinking about this more. Maybe we just don’t give Bush enough credit for his intelligence. Maybe he’s learned from his mistakes (but just doesn’t want to tell anyone because that would mean admitting a mistake…). Maybe he realizes what kind of bad stuff he’s been involved with, and he doesn’t want to see that from anyone else. So maybe he’s decided to try and stop people from taking the route he took by getting rid of legacy admissions.

    But then again, maybe he’s just trying to get poor people to vote for him…

  21. Anya said,

    Somehow, I have a feeling the second theory is right… He never said this stuff in non-election years…

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