August 23, 2004

This Keeps Getting Better

Posted in General at 5:00 pm by Ian

So I still don’t have my replacement computer. I called Apple last Thursday (a week after they received my old one), and asked what was taking so long. The support guy apologized and put in a bump order to get it prioritized. I hadn’t heard anything, so I gave them another call today. Same old song and dance.

I start to get a little annoyed, and explain that, charming though they might be, I do not desire to have the same conversation with Apple support guys every three days. Apple support guy apologizes again, and says he will bump it up to his manager, but that he can’t really do anything more than what he did.

An hour or so later, Apple support manager guy calls. Apologizes again (they’re all very nice), and says that, due to some errors on their end, replacement has been delayed. I respond with sympathies.

Ah, but they’d like to make it up to me!

So, I will no longer be getting a 1.0 GHz proc. I will now be getting a 1.3GHz. And they’re throwing in Bluetooth. Plus, just because I’m a nice guy, 1.25 GIGS of DDR memory.




  1. Sarra said,

    Just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? 😀

  2. Adam said,

    That was sort of the title… They’re probably having problems because they couldn’t find parts that old. You just must not have very good (or maybe you do have very good…) apple karma… I’ve never heard of anyone having as many hardware issues as you (though I’m sure some have).

  3. Dan said,

    Wait a minute… I’m starting to see a trend here. Ian’s computer allegedly breaks, he sends it back to Apple, pesters them every couple of days until they upgrade him…

    Hmmmm… 😀

  4. Evan said,

    Adam- check the hardware forums at The first time I signed on, I was amazed at the number of people who were disgusted with the Mac hardware.
    Ian- congrads, I hate you. -grinning- Lucky sumumabitch.

  5. Ian said,

    Replace “allegedly” with “repeatedly”.

  6. Liza said,

    You have so much history with this laptop…remember the time you got drunk and thought that someone came in through your window, opened your backpack, and took out the laptop and ran away with it? 😉

  7. Ian said,

    You’re all just going to keep throwing that back at me, aren’t you?

  8. Liza said,

    At least until you update your blog.

  9. Mama said,

    What a deal. Now to see if the thing actuallly shows up.

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