September 2, 2004

Back To School

Posted in General at 2:28 pm by Ian

Hey, I’m going to come visit all y’all Claremont people this weekend. I’ll be staying with Adam, unless someone makes me a better offer (like a bed, for example). Planning to come down Friday after work and probably leave Saturday night or Sunday morning.

So, think of cool stuff to do, like if the Pope was coming to visit, but wasn’t so moral.


  1. Evan said,

    Fantastic and cool and stuff! if you’re around on sunday morning, we should go grab some breakfast, get caught up, and stuff. and you c’n look through my (growing) collection of reading material, if you’d like to. (it’s free, and free-er is better.)

  2. Sarra said,

    Er, like, get drunk?

  3. Ian said,

    I believe that’s against the rules this week, young lady.

  4. Lisa said,

    Not after Saturday at 6 p.m. Trust me on this one, I signed a contract.

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