September 2, 2004

One Set of Bugs For Another

Posted in General at 12:04 am by Ian

Author’s Note: And just like that I fail to actually write anything for another whole day. But, honest, I wrote this one on Tuesday. But then it wasn’t quite done, and I had to prepare for DJing at the Jitterbug Club tonight (Wednesday). I signed up to do so a moon ago, when it seemed certain that I’d have a laptop by then (now). Ha ha ha ha ha. That it is still AWOL, I had to burn cds at a frantic pace to actually have music to play tonight. But it went well.

And, now, without further ado…

I became aware yesterday afternoon that something was not quite right with the world (in general) and my office (specifically). I was in the middle of trying to figure out what was going on in my program–evil spirits is my current working hypothesis–when I noticed a smallish red winged insect striding brazenly across my desk. I placed my coffee cup over him and went on with my business. A few minutes more I noticed a second one wandering over on the other side of my desk. I put my juice bottle on him.

This could not continue; I was rapidly running out of drinking containers. I looked up and saw four more of them crawling up my wall. I leaned over my desk to see where they had come from, but there was no obvious entry point. I inspected one closely. It was red in body, about 7.5 mm long, and posessing long swept-back wings. A quick Google images search confrimed. I walked over to Mike’s office.

“I’m not sure who I should tell about this, but there are about six of what look very much like termites in my office.”

“That’s not good.”

I nodded.

“Yeah, I remember Brian having trouble with termites when he was in that office. Every once in a while they called the exterminators. It’s not good. I mean, you shouldn’t have to work with bugs in your office.”

“I was more worried about the building collapsing or something.”

“Oh…Right. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

I am unrelieved.


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  1. Nikhil said,

    haha, your ceiling’s gonna fall on your head.

    Afteryour desk disappears into a brown termite mound, that is.

    No, I wouldn’t worry about it, either.

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