September 7, 2004

Biological Nostalgia

Posted in General at 12:19 pm by Ian

I’m getting a cold 😦

That’ll teach me to go back to school; college campuses are like little germ-factories.


  1. Matt said,

    Heh, I got you whooped. The medical school is a germ factory. Lovely mutated ones too. Fortunately I have yet to develop any strange rashes :dubious:.

  2. Dan said,

    They don’t have ANYTHING over preschools! Man, not only do you pay up the ass for a good preschool but you get all the free germs you don’t want!

  3. Ian said,

    I dunno. I mean, sure, preschools have lots of little germy kids, but they do not pull together divers pathogens from around the country and concentrate them in one area like colleges do.

  4. Ethan said,

    hey! Colleges are not like little germ factories, they are like bold, enterprising and educating chemical weapons plants.

  5. Mama said,

    You went bqck to school? What are you studying?

  6. Matt said,

    So just today, I thought I’d take an alternate, and presumably more efficient, route to get back to the student study room by following the signs to the blue elevators. Given that the elevators just outside this room have blue doors, it seemed like a logical proposition rather than taking the known route via the yellow elevators. However, those elevators are not the real blue elevators. They’re just colored that way. I instead was lead through the psychiatric ward to get to the real blue elevators, and when I arrived on the third floor, ready to step triumphantly into the study room, I found myself in the highly contageous disease wing of the hospital.


    Well, no rashes yet.

  7. Ian said,

    No, no, Mama. I visited school.

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