September 9, 2004

Hypothetically Speaking

Posted in General at 9:39 pm by Ian

George Lucas, in his infinite profit^H^H^H^H wisdom, has seen fit to release only the remade version of Star Wars on DVD. It is at best a pale shadow of its former self.

The best you can do is get the Laserdiscs, released in the early ’90s. But then you’d need a laserdisc player and, while ebay has them, it seems a bit of a waste for just three movies. If only, I thought (in vain), some enterprising soul had ripped bootleg copies of them to DVD. But even then, how would I become aware of this? How would I get copies? You’d need some sort of world-wide information network to coordinate that kind of exchange.

Luckily, though, you my friends can all rest assured that, if I were able to attain such a thing, I would be happy to make it available to those in need. Small comfort, I know.


If only.



  1. Dad said,

    That’s why I saved my video tapes of the originals. They’re not the best, but better than …

  2. JT said,

    What I wouldn’t give for the original videos in widescreen. I think that’d be just about the only movies I’d watch on video.

    But then, the remade versions aren’t so bad. Except for Greedo firing first, I never thought there was anything that could be thought of as a “movie killer.”

    I’m going ot buy these DVDs, mostly because I don’t have other copies of the Staw Wars movies around…

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