September 14, 2004

Twenty Four Minus One

Posted in General at 9:54 pm by Ian

I finally got going watching the last season of 24, only to come to a grinding halt when I realized that some jerkoff had given me every episode but the 19th.

On further reflection, it’s possible that he just wanted to spare me from the following writing.

Tony: We’re sending someone to pick her up right now.
Jack: It’s the wrong play, Tony. We’ve got to introduce some sort of plot device that could put one of our agents in jeopardy.
Tony: I see what you’re getting at. There has been a certain… element lacking in this season so far.
Cameraman: Zooms way in on Kim at her desk


  1. Mama said,

    smile 🙂 I like to read your writing.

  2. Nikhil said,

    I like it more when you’re not defaming my character.

    Also, sorry about the missing episode. Don’t worry, it only explains 83% of what happens in the next five.

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