September 21, 2004

These Aren’t The DVDs You’re Looking For

Posted in General at 10:29 am by Ian

I’m torn on whether to get the new Star Wars DVDs. On the one hand, it would be nice to have a real high-quality digital copy. On the other, I really don’t want to support Lucas with money when he won’t put out what I really want, which is the original versions.

But I have to say that I’m not that annoyed by the changes he made this time. Putting Ian McDiarmond in as the Emperor in IV and V is just fine with me and makes the whole trilogy more seamless. Even putting in Hayden at the end of Jedi I don’t have much of a problem with. It goes well thematically with the idea that Vader “killed” Anakin, and the other actor wasn’t anyone recognizable in the movies anyway.

So in the stead of any real conclusion on the matter, I present you with a humorous quote on the topic of Lucas’s bait-and-switch, gleaned from the web.
I have altered the trilogy. Pray I do not alter it… further.



  1. Liza said,

    Why support Lucas when you can support Donald Trump? 😉

  2. AB said,

    So I pop over here straight from the SDMB. I see the title of your post. I think to myself “Quickly–to the comments! I can stick that brilliant quote in there. It’ll be hilarious.” Then I read your post. . .our brains are too similar.

  3. Ian said,

    Your brain is too similar to mine. I was here first.

    Ooh. The other one I saw, that I forgot until now is:

    This time, the Empire Strikes First!

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