September 23, 2004

Just Imagine

Posted in General at 2:30 pm by Ian

Here’s a picture of what they thought a home computer might look like 50 years ago. I wish my computer had a big steering wheel.



  1. JT said,

    Go Fortran!

  2. AB said,

    To be fair, I think that’s a pretty good prediction if you’re working from the assumption that in 2004 the average home is also a submarine.

  3. Evan said,

    I KNEW there was something wrong with my computer. It’s missing that last dial on the right, above that big button. Damn knockoffs.

  4. Dan said,

    Damn! Dual steering-wheels beats dual monitors any day!!

  5. Mama said,

    We’ve come a long way baby.

  6. Dan said,


  7. Ian said,

    Aww. Everything cool I believe in is a lie.

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