September 23, 2004


Posted in General at 8:45 pm by Ian

I don’t have the words. Just. Just.

Oh MAN this is sweet!


The picture obviously doesn’t do it justice, but just for reference: That’s Moulin Rouge, and that poster next to it is over three feet tall.

And I can see the rainbows, from time to time, but only when I move my eyes rapidly from one part of the image to another. It hasn’t bothered me so far.



  1. Adam said,

    That is impressive. Why do you get a rainbow though?

  2. Dad said,

    What, you couldn’t put it on pause, then take the picture?

  3. Ian said,

    The rainbows are a side-effect of the DLP technology. Really nice DLP projectors have three chips, one for each color. Budget ones have one chip with a color wheel that rotates through Red, Green, Blue n times a cycle. The projector is drawing at 60 Hz, and the original color wheels did one of each color per cycle (1x speed). Current projectors are faster. Mine is 3x, so it does 9 color changes on each re-paint of the screen (watching a DVD, that’s about 20 color changes per frame of video). Normally it looks just fine because of persistence of vision. However, you can see the rainbows when you move your eyes rapidly from one part of the screen to another, especially when there is a white on black edge at a perpendicular to the direction of your eye movement. But, except when I was deliberately trying to do so, I only saw them occasionally even watching Moulin Rouge, which requires a lot of rapid eye movement.

  4. Ian said,

    You know, it never occurred to me. Still, my point was that, even ignoring the image, it looks way better in person than on the picture. The colors are much brighter and the bands at the top and bottom aren’t as noticeable.

  5. Mama said,

    This is your home theater? Whoa! I can’t wait to see it.

    Rollbar. Mother soundbite. Motor Vehicle Accidents are the number one cause of death for 19-24 year olds! End quote!!! Pretty please with sugar on it.

  6. Ian said,

    How do they rate on the causes of death for 19-24 year-olds who bike to work? Lots smaller, I’d imagine 😉

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