September 27, 2004

The Case of The Missing License Plate Holder

Posted in General at 1:03 pm by Ian

The Harvey Mudd Alumni Association, of which I am a proud member, sent me a personalized license plate holder a few weeks ago with “Harvey Mudd Class of 2004” printed on it, which I proudly placed on my car. Eventually.

When I emerged from seeing Sky Captain yesterday, I was astonished to find that my license plate holder now said, simply, “Santa Barbara.” This gave me considerable pause, as I checked to make sure that this really was Annabelle, and not some other Miata in the parking lot. But it was (I recognized her faded paint spots), and I had no idea what happened to my license plate holder.

I still don’t. I have a few theories, though.

  1. Glitch in the Matrix.
  2. Someone is playing a trick on me. A few days from now I’ll laugh as I find out that the license plate holder has been taped to the back of my favorite shirt, or that the cat is using it as a plaything.
  3. The repair ship, when I had it in last week, decided that the last remaining threat to the structural stability of my car, after they replaced whatever it was that was broken, was that the extra paint required for “Harvey Mudd Class of 2004” was just too much weight to allow on the back of my car, and changed it for me.
  4. The Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce has adopted a more aggressive advertising strategy.
  5. Brain-stealing aliens from space or, somewhat less likely, License Plate Holder-stealing aliens from space.

Dear Google: This post is about Ayers Automotive in Santa Barbara, CA. It contains reviews of their crappy service and complete incompetence. A collection of posts about problems with them can be found at my Ayers Automotive page. Again, that’s Ayers Automotive of Santa Barbara, CA



  1. Dad said,

    Have you checked your sock drawer?

  2. Katie said,

    I could get you a Scripps Alumna license plate holder to replace the one that went missing. 😉

  3. The Case of The Missing License Plate Holder

    […] After my mechanic kept my car for almost an entire week to do a simple smog check and having to do it twice because they didn’t bother to look at the paperwork and notice that it was for the wrong car, I was seriouly inclined not to use them again. This is, you’ll remember, is the same place that threw away my license plate holder, so I considered it their second strike. But they came so highly recommended that I was weak of resolve. […]

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