September 28, 2004

Missing License Plate Holder Found!

Posted in General at 2:53 pm by Ian

Well, not really. But I at least know where it’s gone. It was, in fact, the repair shop. They took it off (and apparently threw it away). I asked what on earth would have suggested to them that they should remove a custom license plate holder and throw it away, and the guy answered that when they’re cleaning the car up when they are done, they remove them when they’re old and cracked or don’t look good.

I pointed out that it had only been on there for a week.

So now I have to try to get another one from the Alumni Association. I hope they charge me for it, because I’m sending the bill right back to the mechanic.

Ian is displeased.

Dear Google: This post is about Ayers Automotive in Santa Barbara, CA. It contains reviews of their crappy service and complete incompetence. A collection of posts about problems with them can be found at my Ayers Automotive page. Again, that’s Ayers Automotive of Santa Barbara, CA



  1. Ethan said,

    ??? uh… i’m sort of speechless except to say “jerks” and “bizarre.” Really odd policy, sorry to hear it’s not aliens or a well-meaning prankster.

  2. Lisa said,

    What an amazingly stupid policy! Using their own judgement to remove belongings without permission is inane to begin with (what if I liked my old license plate holder, consider it one of a kind, and/or paid a lot of money for it?), but they apparently have horrible judgement, since your Mudd holder was only a week old. I think you should forcefully talk to the manager/owner (and knowing you, that’ll be prety darn forceful. Ian can get dangerous when he’s pissed. Think about all those hott Scripps alums in SB who would be hitting on you, if only they knew you went to Mudd.) about this policy and demand free auto service in the future.

    And then, if I were you, I would smack them around.

  3. Missing License Plate Holder Found!

    […] After my mechanic kept my car for almost an entire week to do a simple smog check and having to do it twice because they didn’t bother to look at the paperwork and notice that it was for the wrong car, I was seriouly inclined not to use them again. This is, you’ll remember, is the same place that threw away my license plate holder, so I considered it their second strike. But they came so highly recommended that I was weak of resolve. […]

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