September 30, 2004

Wild Kingdom

Posted in General at 7:36 pm by Ian

Today I will take you on a safari tour of the apartment, exploring and observing some of its more ferocious animals in the wild.


Here, we see the hunter ready to pounce. She sees her target, but is confident in her ability to attack unnoticed because her coloration so completely camouflages her within her natural surroundings. A former kill lies next to her, but it no longer captivates her attention. The hunt is on.

In this next series, we see an excellent example of the Giant Australian Trap-Door Kitty, which lies in wait, nearly indetectable, beneath a deviously constructed blind it fashions for itself.


With cunning ear, the Trap-Door Kitty stealthily approaches it’s prey.

(double click for video)

Only when her prey is finally within striking distance does the hunter make herself known.




  1. Adam said,

    Hehehe, the moving box is amazing. The only question: How did she manage to get herself into it in the first place?

  2. Ian said,

    She just lifts one of the flaps with her paw and then puts her head under it and sort of walks forward. Goes right in.

  3. Adam said,

    Well I’m impressed, I figured the box was propped up and sort of fell on her.

  4. Ethan said,

    haha, cute! ‘reminds me of xmas at home when the cats go adventuring in the wrapping paper.

  5. Ian said,

    This is a relatively regular pasttime. I’ve taken to calling it the kitty-fort.

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