October 22, 2004

Out With The Old, In…

Posted in General at 8:28 am by Ian

Philip now has a blog, which will henceforth be linked from below and to the leftish, replacing Kevin who, taking to heart his last known post, may have offed himself. Nikhil, let’s just say you’re on the ropes.

Also, from reading other blogs it has become known to me–and on the off chance that some of you don’t read them, and would be otherwise unaware, I shall repeat it here–that Boston has won some sort of sporting event. You should check it out.



  1. Philip said,


  2. Nikhil said,

    Am I on probation?

    And, yes, we’re all quite proud of Boston. Unfortunately, Houston lost its parallel sporting event. Alas.

    Also: Hooray for Phil!

  3. Tania said,

    boston has won SOME SORT OF SPORTING EVENT! Ian, you must understand… THEY WON THE YANKEES… dethroned the baseball dictatorship be it… unfortunately, none of our Cali teams made it (Sniff, the angels *breaks down*) lol… but yes, Houston lost (dammit)… so St Louis and the Boston …. going to be an INTENSE game… i’m rootin for the Red Sox… ok sorry, uber baseball excited… 😀

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