October 30, 2004

You Can’t Get There From Here

Posted in General at 11:12 pm by Ian

My oven is rack-impared. It has only one, which makes all my multi-layer cakes just take too long to bake! So I went about today to try to get another one. Oven racks, one would think, must be sold separately from their feudal masters. And they are–I still think–but not to those as uncultured as myself.

First I asked Google, which turned me on to several websites that claimed to sell such things, but only if I gave them a model number, which I did not have because it’s not on the stove anywhere. They did, however, help me out with a nice diagram of the many places on the stove the model number would be listed. If it were. Which it wasn’t.

But aha! One of the websites had an 800 number for help. 7 Days a week! Open Late! I called, and the first question the woman asked me was what the model number of my product was. When I told her that I didn’t know, she told me that she couldn’t do a search without that. So… basically, this website employs people to sit at computers with their website loaded and enter model numbers for people. And it seems to be working out for them.

But not for me. So I next called Sears, and asked about oven racks. Before I could even find out if we could identify the model, the guy told me to call their parts line. Another 800 number. When I called that, the guy helped me not find the model number, and then said there was nothing he could do without it. He was, however, helpful enough to give me the number of my local Sears store.

I think I’ll make one out of alumnium foil…



  1. Mama said,

    Sometimes it is like that. Who would guess it would be so complicated.
    I had a date in Mill Valley today. I couldn’t find that model number either. Sooooo…I called Grandma Pat and gave her a virtual tour (audio only) of the many fashions and prices in Mill Valley. She enjoyed it so much (She doesn’t get out.) that she wants me to do it again. Different cities etc. Natch. Love ya.

  2. Liza said,

    Dude, just by a multi-layer cake…

  3. Liza said,


  4. Evan said,

    Heh. Sounds like you’ve got the same stove I’ve got. No model number, hell, no numbers at all. If you want to bake, you have to guestimate based on the general assumption that it won’t do a million, and no heat equals off, and then hope for a happy balance in the middle. SUPER crispy pizza is my usual end result… and undercooked brownies. what a life.
    maybe take the current rack to a store that sells racks, and compare?

  5. Ian said,

    If we have the same stove… do you have any extra racks?

    My stove has a handy thermometer sitting on the rack inside, so if you could see it, you’d know the actual temperature. But it’s hard to read. However, the case is made of metal, so when you forget and try to move it to read it better, and it burns your hand, you can estimate from that.

  6. Evan said,

    As a matter of fact, I do have an extra rack. Well. I did. Problem is, the gas was turned off in our complex recently, and they had to relight all the pilots when it was turned back on. They moved my lower oven rack to lift the bottom to lite the pilot… but I don’t know where they moved it TO. It’s the amazing disappearing oven rack. Maybe Bobby Fischer has it. Maybe someone will make a movie, searching for my oven rack.

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