November 4, 2004

Obligatory Election Reaction

Posted in General at 10:36 am by Ian

I think that we need to give some serious thought to this proposal.



  1. JT said,

    Who gets Hawaii?

  2. Ian said,


  3. Dan said,

    HA! That’s awesome!

    Awesome like a NINJA! :ninja:

  4. Sarra said,

    Do you think England might take us back? We’ve obviously proved incapable of governing ourselves.

  5. Jonah said,

    The creator of that map must’ve accidentally messed up the labels. I took the liberty of correcting it.

  6. Evan said,

    “obviously proved incapable of governing ourselves.”


    Well, no one’s forcing YOUR citizenship, eh?

    I don’t mean that you should leave- by all means, stay and disagree with what happens here. Saying that the democratic election of a president with whom you disagree is demonstration of an inability to self-govern, well. That seems a bit excessive, no? Maybe it’d be better to say ‘the government we’ve elected seems to be incapable… etc.’ Or maybe it’s even better to say ‘the poisoned rhetoric of rabid political hounds like Mike Moore and Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken and Michael Savage, does little to enrich political discourse, and instead causes elections based on his purple heart, and his god, and his anti-war history, and his warmongering present.’ But hey. Self government here is comprised of the people voting on how the electoral college should vote. We did, and they did, and now it’s about the aftermath.

  7. Dan said,

    Al Franken is a “rabid political hound”?

    wow, I never thought I’d see the day where Al Franken was put in the same category as Michael Savage.

  8. Ian said,

    I agree. I’ve only read one of Franken’s books, but he’s nothing like the others you mention. He attacks those on the right, true, but he does it with actual, y’know, facts and stuff.

  9. Evan said,

    “Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them”
    “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot”
    “We’re Right, They’re Wrong : A Handbook for Spirited Progressives”

    Everyone purports to use facts; it’s the name calling and radical invective that i was referring to. Savage presents facts; so does Moore. So do any of these guys- it’s the spin that is unnecessary, wouldn’t you agree? I’ll reference Jon Stewart on Crossfire, because I think he did a marvelous job talking about theatrical journalism.

  10. Ian said,

    So, did you read any more than the titles?
    If you didn’t, I’m not going to give your opinion on Franken’s writing or his spin much weight.

    Savage and Moore do present some facts. They also make shit up. Both of them. And so do Limbaugh and Coulter and O’Reilly.

    Franken, from what I’ve seen, doesn’t.

  11. Dan said,

    I never thought I’d see the day when Al Franken would be put in the same spotlight as Michael Savage. :confused:

  12. Ian said,

    You’re repeating yourself. 😉

  13. JT said,

    Having read Franken’s book(s), I have to say that he’s not full of “poisoned rhetoric” as some might say. While it’s true he made things up as well, he blatantly tells you he’s making it up to either serve as a counterpoint to what others (Limbaugh, Coulter) have made up, or just becasue it’s funny to make things up sometimes. I far enjoyed Franken’s book (Lying Liars) over Coulter’s book (Traitor), because one was funny and interesting and full of bias against those who might dupe you, and one was factually incorrect and full of “extreme hatred towards your average liberal” bias.

    I think the difference is why they wrote the books. Coulter writes to engage and enrage, while Franken writes to inform and entertain. Given those options, I’m much more likely to believe Franken (especially when he cites his sources, and Coulter makes her’s up).

  14. Dan said,

    whoops! WHen I tried to put in the first comment early this morning it gave me an error so I figured I’d try again later. I thought maybe comments were only allowed during normal business hours or something =)

  15. Ian said,

    Ah, yes. That error comes up from time to time, but it rarely means that your comment didn’t get posted. It just means that MT got confused on the way back from the loo, or something.

  16. Mama said,

    AMEN brothers and sisters

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