November 15, 2004

Dancing Vs. Magic

Posted in General at 9:50 pm by Ian

I was totally planning to go to the Swing Jam thing on Saturday; really, I was. I decided to make a day of it by going down to the Qualifier Tournament for Pro Tour Nagoya in Costa Mesa, after which I would head to Claremont for the dance. I took my friend Bryce with me because he wanted to play in the tournament and was willing to either give dancing a try or hang out for a few hours while I got my groove on.

But then, don’tcha know, I just kept winning my matches. Starting with my first round opponent, who I beat handily due to a combination of elite Magic skillz and the fact that he misregistered his deck, receiving a first round match loss, I began a winning streak that lasted until the second round, when my opponent pounded me into the dust. Seriously, this guy’s deck was ridiculous. I almost pulled out a draw by winning the second game of the match, but then I didn’t :(. I later found out that I had done remarkably well against him, though. We had two close games, and he didn’t lose a single game until the 8th round (Quarterfinals) of the tournament.

But then I started actually winning. I won my way right into the top 8. And then I won the quarterfinals. And then I won the semifinals. And then I stared down my final round opponent, Sam Stein, battling for the coveted invitation to a professional tournament (and $500 1st place prize). But then I came to my senses and realized that I probably wasn’t going to make it to Japan this year and Sam really wanted to go. So we split the prizes. He gets to go to a Pro Tour, and I get to be $275 richer. Sadly, by this point it was 11:40, making my trip to Claremont a non-starter.

In retrospect, I wish I had gone for it. Not for the invite, exactly, but more for the fact that I think I would have won. But there will certainly be a next time. I’m already talking to a guy at work about getting a team ready to try to qualify for the Team Pro Tour in Atlanta (a trip which is much more within my budget than Japan).

So I didn’t get to dance this weekend, but I did get the satisfaction of having my entertainment budget be in the black for probably the first time in history.


  1. JT said,

    Hmm…next stop…Vegas?

  2. Katie said,

    Congrats on winning! That’s awesome! We did miss you. The swing jam was absolutely amazing! Awesome band! And, if we can get funding, we’ll have them back next semester, so you’ll get another chance to join us. Just don’t ditch us for cards this time. 😉 And, we have a dance party coming up on Dec. 3, so keep that one on the calendar too. Good luck with Atlanta!

  3. Matt said,

    Congrats dude. That’s no small accomplishment. I expect to hear great things en route to Atlanta. Just think, not just a Delta hub, but also a major tournament site!

  4. Matt said,

    I’m not sure if you noticed already, but they’ve posted you accomplisment over at

  5. Ian said,

    Thanks. I did notice it, and went to post it, and then I noticed that my webserver had taken an unannounced vacation.

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