November 22, 2004

Down, But Not Out

Posted in General at 12:51 pm by Ian

I know you’re probably wondering why Evilblog has been down for the last week. Here are a few excuses I’ve come up with:

  1. Forgot to pay hosting bill.
  2. Electrical cord to server unfortunately routed across doorway.
  3. It wasn’t dead; it was restin’.
  4. What are you talking about? Website was up the whole time. Problem must be on your end.
  5. For balance, some time should be spent not being a webserver; it’s a Zen thing.
  6. Beginning of Death of EvilBlog story arc. Increased readership to follow from expanded line of parallel blogs:,,, and
  7. It was a hardware problem.
  8. now off the grid, data served by homing pigeon. Please increase your http timeout to four days or greater.
  9. Switched servers and updated the wrong DNS entry again.
  10. It was a software problem.
  11. While increasing the security of my site, accidently modified Apache source code to encrypt the headers too.
  12. Hoping to avoid embarrassment at having nothing to post.
  13. Sasha’s treatment of the mouse as a toy and the keyboard as a bed can have unpredictable results.

The real reason is that I have no idea why. But I can’t prove that it’s not one of the above.


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  1. Mama said,

    Good to see you are back in action.

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