December 16, 2004


Posted in General at 11:07 pm by Ian

I saw a pirate yesterday. I was walking down State toward that deli that always has Seinfeld on, and he came in from a side street and turned briefly down the street.

He was well camouflaged, wearing jeans and a blue work shirt. But I could tell he was a pirate because he was bald, had one large gold earring, and was wearing an eye patch. He was drinking a Dr Pepper, and I think I heard a subdued “Arr” as he crumpled it into the trash.



  1. Dan said,

    He crumpled into the trash?! And you just sat there and watched as this happened? Did you help him get out of the trash?


  2. Ian said,

    Typo noted.

  3. Katie said,

    I saw a ninja the other night. He was hiding behind the door in Sandor’s room. He was a very impressive ninja, all in black, and silently, stealthily standing in the darkest corner of the room, waiting until the time was right. However, your pirate gets extra points for being unintentional.

  4. Dan said,


    Sorry, that early in the morning, I couldn’t help but be a smart ass.

  5. Ian said,

    True ninja are only seen when they wish to be.

  6. Dan said,


  7. evan said,

    ok. Talk about tangents. Here’s one for you.
    sharp sign

  8. evan said,

    Uh oh. The link extends beyond the edge of your comment box. no textwrap?

  9. Ian said,

    It seems not.

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