December 18, 2004

How I’ll Spend My Christmas Vacation

Posted in General at 9:59 am by Ian

I’m home now and off work next week. Posting will be sporadic and filled with holiday cheer.

Those of you who are in the Santa Rosa area, give me a call. We’ll do lunch.


  1. Liza said,

    Are you going to be in SF on any of those days?

  2. Zajj said,

    Have a great time at home!

  3. Ian said,

    I’ll be going back down south on Sunday the 26th. We should hook up then.

  4. DiDi said,

    yay for “holiday cheer”, particularly the wassail brand of it. I have you to thank for my introduction to that. Thanks. Family holidays should be much cheerier from now on.
    So, if you were to be around on, oh, the 15th of January, how do you feel about the cheap and college-bound coming to visit and sleeping on your floor?

  5. Ian said,

    Of course, the cheap and college-associated are always welcome. Alas, I will be away the weekend of January 15th.

    I’ve missed you, though. I’m sure we’ll find some way to see each other.

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