January 11, 2005

Apple is Slashdotted

Posted in General at 11:14 am by Ian

Well, it turns out that Apple’s rumored sub-$500 Mac is reality. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to load Apple’s website.

I’m so getting one.

Update: I’m so getting one after they start shipping it with 10.4. No point in buying a new computer with an old OS

Further Update: Perhaps one of my Oregonian student friends would like to get one for me. You know, as a gift. I’m sure I could reciprocate. P.S. 512 MB Ram, wireless + bluetooth.

Further, Further Update: I’ve decided I don’t really need the wireless. Bluetooth is enough.



  1. Adam said,

    Yeah, I’ll probably end up with one too. It’ll make a really nice media machine to hook up to a projector or somesuch for next year. I hope it does better than the Cube did way back when.

  2. Ian said,

    Bear in mind that you’ll have to get an external sound card if you want one that doesn’t suck.

    And I think they are going to sell incredibly well.

  3. Adam said,

    Ooo, and the Oregon bit means no sales tax too… except that I think it counts tax from where your school is so i don’t know which one counts for more.

  4. Ian said,

    Tax counts for where you get it shipped to, usually. But, like I said, I’m not in a huge hurry to get one. I’ll wait until it has the new OS, and until it’s convenient. It’s not like I’m in dire need of a new computer.

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