January 16, 2005

Spam Karma

Posted in General at 11:28 pm by Ian

Trying another anti-comment spam plugin, Spam Karma. If you have trouble posting comments, please let me know. The cool part about this one is that if it’s not quite sure, it’ll give you a CAPTCHA. That way only real people can try to sell us V1@g|2/\.



  1. Ian said,

    Yeah. Play online-poker!

  2. Ian said,

    Hmm. This perhaps does not work as well as I had hoped.


  3. Ian said,

    poker hold-em viagra.

  4. Ian said,


  5. Nikhil said,

    Get you degree online!

  6. Adam said,

    Maybe it won’t delete this one…

  7. Ian said,

    Ok. At the risk of being the spoilsport at my own party, please don’t try to trick the spam filter. See, because when you do, it starts to treat you with greater and greater prejudice and then I have to go in and manually re-allow you. See the next post for more information.

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